Trump Drops Major New Hint About VP Pick

[Photo by Gage Skidmore]

On Saturday, former President Trump indicated that he has selected his running mate for the presidency and implied that the public will not be “that taken aback” by his selection.

“I may or may not really [decide] something over the next couple of months. There’s no rush to that. It won’t have any impact at all. The person that I think I like is a very good person, a pretty standard. I think people won’t be that surprised, but I would say there’s probably a 25 percent chance that would be that person,” Trump continued. Trump said when questioned about the timing of his vice-presidential decision.

When queried about the presence of Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), who withdrew from the Republican primary race in November and subsequently endorsed Trump on Friday, Trump responded by referring to the senator as a “great guy” and enumerating additional political figures.

“You know, [Scott] endorsed me. There’s an example, [Nikki Haley] comes from South Carolina, Tim Scott is from South Carolina. But if you look [at] the governor, great governor, another senator [Lindsey Graham]. We happen to like Lindsey. But, [Gov. Henry McMaster (R)] knows it very well. He endorsed me. It’s very hard for a governor to endorse somebody when you haven’t … I mean, Henry McMaster was the lieutenant governor under her and he endorsed me … What does that tell you?” Trump stated.

Earlier this month, during a town hall hosted by Fox News in Iowa, Trump expressed his willingness to consider any of his opponents.

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