New Poll Shows Trump Beating Biden By 8 Points in Georgia

[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

According to a new poll, former President Trump leads Vice President Biden by eight percentage points among registered voters in Georgia.

If the election were to take place today and their respective parties nominated candidates, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution found that 45 percent of Peach State voters would support Trump, compared to 37 percent who would support Biden (as of Tuesday).

A considerable proportion of the participants remained undecided regarding their support for either candidate, as roughly 6 percent stated they were unsure, 6.5 percent said they would support another candidate, and nearly 6 percent said they would not vote.

The poll found that a considerable proportion of independents (10.7 percent) either do not intend to vote for Biden or are unsure of which candidate they will support (13.8 percent).

Although Biden maintains an advantage among self-described moderates and independents, his support in Georgia, a state with a greater number of registered Republican voters compared to Democrats, remains insufficient to surpass Trump’s lead.

Approximately 50% of moderates expressed their support for Biden, in contrast to 26.4% who support Trump and 10.2% who support an alternative candidate.

Biden leads Trump among independents with 38.4 percent support, while Trump receives 27.7 percent; an additional 9.4 percent of independents have stated that they support another candidate.

The support that Biden and Trump received from their respective parties and self-described liberals and conservatives was comparable.

Biden has the support of more than 84 percent of Democrats, while Trump has the support of 82.5 percent of Republicans, according to the survey.

Additionally, 74.4 percent of liberals supported Biden, while 75% of conservatives backed the former president.

The poll was released on the eve of the first nominating contest of the Republican primary, the Iowa caucuses on Monday, where Trump emerged victorious over his opponents.

The AJC poll was administered to 1,007 registered Georgia electors from January 3-11 by the School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Georgia. A margin of error of 3.1 percentage points is present.

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