Court Docs Reveal Epstein Accuser Claimed He Had Secret Sex Tapes of Bill Clinton, Others

[Photo Credit: By Kenneth C. Zirkel - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,]

Jeffrey Epstein secretly filmed Prince Andrew, Richard Branson, and Bill Clinton engaging in sexual activity, according to the most recent batch of unsealed court documents.

Sarah Ransome, one of Epstein’s victims, asserts in documents that have only recently been disclosed that the disgraced financier recorded her “friend” engaging in sexual activity with each of the prominent men.

Unspecified in age, the friend purportedly obtained duplicates of the recordings.

Prior to their filing under confidentiality with the court in 2016, Ransome detailed the explosive allegations in a series of emails to columnist Maureen Callahan.

This story is developing…

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