First Batch of Un-Redacted Names Associated with Jeffrey Epstein Officially Released

[Photo Credit: By Stephen Ogilvy - Cosmo magazine, July 1980, via, Public Domain,]

The first batch of un-redacted names associated with the Jeffrey Epstein case have now officially been released by a federal judge.

While some of those named are accused of wrongdoing, others are making allegations or are potential witnesses. The list was anticipated to include a number of prominent figures.

The judge issued the release in connection with a legal dispute involving Ghislaine Maxwell, an associate of Epstein.

She is incarcerated for the crimes she and Epstein perpetrated for twenty years.

According to the investigative legal account ‘Technofrog’ one of the main names already identified from the dump was that of former President Bill Clinton.

According to some of the testimony contained within the over 900 pages of documents released by the court, one of the witnesses claimed that Epstein had told her that, when it came to women, Clinton liked them ‘young.’

Prominent individuals who appeared on the roster in addition to former President Bill Clinton, include his longstanding estranged aide Doug Band, Prince Andrew, and the French modeling agent Jean-Luc Brunel, who met an similar demise in custody as Epstein did.

In addition to former U.S. presidents, foreign prime ministers, and Prince Andrew of Great Britain, Epstein maintained extensive personal networks that included Hollywood celebrities, prominent academics, individuals from the modeling and fashion sectors, and other notable public figures.

Certain individuals’ identities had been previously disclosed to the public despite being redacted in the lawsuit.

More names will likely be revealed as investigators continue to search through the massive trove of documents.

This story is developing…

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