Eric Adams Blasts Biden for Refusing to Meet as NYC Overrun with Massive Problems

[Photo Credit: By Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York -, CC BY 2.0,]

On Tuesday, Mayor Eric Adams of New York City criticized Vice President Joe Biden for failing to provide adequate assistance to New York in its ongoing migrant crisis.

Adams stated at a press conference that New York City “did not receive that assistance” despite his and his team’s “ten trips to Washington, D.C. pleading and requesting help,” and that he had been unable to meet with the president since 2022.

“It baffles me. You know, New York City is the economic engine of the state and the country. I am really pleased that we are now getting a chorus of other cities that are joining us, who are now part of our coalition.” he added.

“That coalition is going to continue to grow because these cities deserve better. I’m not only talking about New York. Chicago, Los Angeles, El Paso, Brownsville, you know, all these cities. Houston. You know, cities should not be handling national problems.” he continued.

“What’s fascinating is that those who should have been helping us in government every step of the way, just critiqued us.” he added later on.

Adams proposed in June, as New York City struggled to house the influx of migrants, that local residents house the migrants in exchange for monetary compensation.

“I’m not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel from the federal government,” Adams concluded.

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