Liberal Mayor of Boston Under Fire After Trying to Exclude All White People From Christmas Party

[Photo Credit: By Office of Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey (Joshua Qualls/Governor’s Press Office) -, Public Domain,]

A member of the administration of Democratic Boston Mayor Michelle Wu has been criticized for sending an email invitation to a Christmas party that specifically excluded white officials.

Director of City Council Relations Denise DosSantos inadvertently invited all city council members to a “Electeds of Color Holiday Party” via email.

Fifteen minutes later, DosSantos issued a second email in which she expressed regret for forwarding the email to every council member, specifying that Caucasian council members were not the intended recipients.

Wu defended the celebration, which has reportedly been occurring for years, by stating that it featured a variety of events catered to specific demographics.

In the past, Wu has faced allegations of racial discrimination regarding her remarks and the policies of her administration.

A group of white restaurant proprietors filed suit against Wu earlier this year, alleging that they were subject to increased city fees because of their ethnic background.

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