Disgraced Former Congressman Launches New Way To Line His Pockets

[Empire State Conservatives Podcast, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons]

A disgraced former member of Congress has decided to launch a new grift. George Santos, the sixth person ever expelled from the House of Representatives, has begun shilling personal messages on Cameo, a website that allows you to purchase videos from celebrities. 

Last week, the House voted to remove Santos from office after it was revealed that he had allegedly committed credit card fraud against a fellow member of Congress. Likely in need of cash to pay legal bills, the former representative from New York has begun doing what he does best: making a spectacle. 

Business Insider writes

After 311 representatives voted to kick him from the legislative body at the beginning of December, he’s now moved on to selling videos of himself on Cameo, a website where people can have celebrities record a message to fans for a price.

In Santos’ case, that price is $150, and he’s purportedly willing to talk about a variety of things: birthdays, holidays, give pep talks, or even roast someone.

He initially sold each video for $75 but quickly changed the price to $150 just hours after launching his Cameo profile.

Santos’ profile on the site lists himself as a “Former congressional ‘Icon’!💅🏼” — he also notes he’s “The Expelled member of Congress from New York City.”

Last week the House voted 311-114 to immediately remove the Santos from office.

“Besieged by revelations of lies about his past, a federal criminal indictment and a congressional ethics probe,” reported Reuters, “Santos, 35, became only the sixth member to be expelled from the House. The New York congressman was the first to be kicked out without having fought for the Confederacy or being convicted of a crime.”

The “congressional icon” lasted around 11 months in office, or about half of his term. 

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