New Evidence Comes To Light Regarding Biden’s Use Of Fake Names

[The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons]

The National Archives and Records Administration has announced that it has found a set of “key documents” related to the fake names Joe Biden used while serving as vice president. 

Over the summer, wrote New Conservative Post, “investigators revealed that Joe Biden has been using fake names to inform his son about what his schedule looked like while serving as vice president, including talking with leaders connected to Hunter’s business schemes.”

The National Archives had claimed that eight years of records could take a long time because of the “scope” of the request, a move that would help Biden avoid congressional investigations. 

That’s when the Heritage Foundation offered to give the highest funded archive in the world a helping hand. 

The Daily Signal writes

The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project has identified what could be a relatively small cache of documents that could help Congress get to the heart of the issue in just a matter of months.

Considering that such documents must generally be reviewed by lawyers and others for potential redactions before being released, the expectation is that they be released at a rate of 500 pages per month. That means the National Archives could take several years to process and release all 82,000 pages. This prolonged timeline would obviously pose severe challenges for congressional investigations.

However, the National Archives has revealed to the Heritage Oversight Project through a narrowly targeted Freedom of Information Act request that it possesses 731 documents relevant to the creation of these alias email accounts and potentially who authorized their use. (The Daily Signal is The Heritage Foundation’s news and commentary outlet.)

The Oversight Project’s targeted FOIA request and its discovery of this smaller cache of documents could provide congressional investigators with new leads and witnesses in a more expedient manner. In essence, rather than waiting for 82,000 pages of documentation to be released over a period of years, in a matter of months, these 731 core documents could provide names of witnesses whom Congress could then call to testify about the matter.

The bureaucrats at the National Archives just needed a little direction, you see. 

“The House Oversight Committee wrote a letter in August to NARA demanding access to its records containing the pseudonyms Joe Biden appeared to use, such as ‘Robert L. Peters,’ ‘Robin Ware’ and ‘JRB Ware.’ The email accounts were first reported by the New York Post based on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop archive. 

A month later, Oversight Committee lawmakers were granted access to a few pages of the email records, including emails praising Joe Biden and his late son Beau Biden. 

The America First Legal Foundation (AFL) filed a separate FOIA lawsuit for emails from Joe Biden’s vice presidency and a status report for the lawsuit released in October revealed NARA possesses nearly 20,000 emails exchanged between Biden’s vice presidential office and Hunter Biden’s investment firm,” according to The Daily Caller

Hunter was allegedly kept in the loop about the then-vice president’s trip to Ukraine, the same trip in which the president appears to have done a major solid for his son’s business partners at Burisma by forcing out a prosecutor investigating the company. 

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