Rahm Emmanuel’s House Attacked By Anti-Israel Radicals

[White House (Pete Souza) / Maison Blanche (Pete Souza), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons]

Former chief of staff to Barack Obama and current ambassador to Japan, Rahm Emmanuel, had an unpleasant message waiting for him when he arrived at his home in Michigan. Emmanuel, who is Jewish, antisemitic messages scrawled on his fence. 

Former Obama chief campaign strategist and friend of Emmanuel, David Axelrod posted Monday morning on X, sharing an image of the black graffiti that read “NAZIS.”

The New York Post reports that “Emanuel — former President Barack Obama’s powerful onetime chief of staff who also served as the mayor of Chicago — was in the Windy City on Sunday when the vandals struck.

He told the Chicago Sun-Times that his “family is very proud of how our friends, neighbors and the community have rallied to our support … in a singular voice in condemning hatred and bigotry.”

He also expressed gratitude to “local law enforcement for their diligence, swiftness and seriousness in which they have addressed the crime.”

During his time in the White House, Emmanuel was seen as an ally to Israel, but also one willing to push back against Israeli leaders unwilling to make compromises with Palestinians. 

Obama’s former chief of staff hasn’t been the only Obama advisor to have been attacked by Pro-Palestine activists recently. 

New Conservative Post reported last month that “during a speaking engagement at the Institute of Global Affairs, a membership organization and think tank based at Columbia University, the former Secretary of State received an earful from a heckler demanding that she renounce Joe Biden over his support for Israel.” 

She then proceeded to get into a shouting match with the protestor. 

Since the beginning of the war, radical leftists have demanded that Joe Biden abandon support for Israel. The National Muslim Democratic Council, a nationwide group of Democratic leaders and activists, threatened President Joe Biden that if he does not force Israel to reach a ceasefire with Hamas, a U.S. State Department-designated foreign terrorist organization they would mobilize against his reelection.

Last week, Pro-Palestine activists tried to storm the headquarters of the National Democratic Committee, trapping some members of Congress inside in what was described as worse than the mobbing of Capitol on January 6, 2021. 

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