GOP Congressman Found To Have Likely Committed Crimes

[U.S. House Office of Photography, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons]

One of the more eccentric Republicans in the House has been found by the House Ethics Committee to have potentially violated federal criminal law. 

Congressman George Santos from New York is going to need to call a lawyer again. 

The Daily Caller writes, “Santos was arrested in early May on 13 charges related to fraud, money laundering, theft of public funds and false statements, and received a 23-count superseding indictment in early October for conspiracy and additional fraud, all of which he pleaded not guilty to. The committee reported that it uncovered “substantial evidence” that Santos “knowingly” committed fraud, while using campaign donations for “personal purposes,” among other findings that it referred to the Department of Justice.

“[The committee found] substantial evidence that Representative Santos: knowingly caused his campaign committee to file false or incomplete reports with the Federal Election Commission; used campaign funds for personal purposes; engaged in fraudulent conduct in connection with RedStone Strategies LLC; and engaged in knowing and willful violations of the Ethics in Government Act as it relates to his Financial Disclosure (FD) Statements filed with the House,” the report reads.

Rep. Michael Guest, the chairman of the House Ethics Committee, told CNN there would be no recommendation on whether or not Santos should be expelled from the House.

The news channel reported that “the freshman congressman has pleaded not guilty to 23 federal charges, including allegations of fraud related to Covid-19 unemployment benefits, misusing campaign funds and lying about his personal finances on House disclosure reports. But he has faced withering criticism over the laundry list of his lies about his past.

Santos said he has “no concerns” about the report, as fellow Republicans weigh whether they will ultimately expel the controversial New Yorker.”

“I will take whatever comes my way the way it comes. I have no concerns and I don’t have any premeditated feelings on this,” he said.

Earlier in the month, the voted on removing Santos from office, and nearly all Republicans and 31 Democrats decided to withhold punishment, choosing for both his criminal trial and a House Ethics Committee investigation proceed.

Santos recently announced that he will not be seeking another term in 2024.

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