After Deadly Terrorist Attack, MA Town Flies Palestine Flag

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A few weeks after one of the most brutal and barbaric terrorist attacks in the Middle East, one that saw Israeli women sexually assaulted and babies murdered, a town in Massachusetts has one thing to say: We’re for the rapists and baby murderers.  

Town leaders recently and quickly approved a request to fly the Palestinian flag in its Town Commons. 

Local news out of Boston reported that “dozens of people crowded into North Andover High School on Monday to voice their opinions during the meeting, where flying the Palestinian flag above Town Common was ultimately approved.

The request to fly the flag on the Town Common flag pole was approved after about an hour of public comment, during which those gathered spoke both in favor of and against flying the flag amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

“It’s a big deal for us to see the Palestinian flag that many of us think represents the attempted genocide of the Jewish people,” said Rabbi Idan Irelander. “It basically represents Hamas, since they are the elected ruling party in Gaza.”

One supporter said, “It’s a flag that represents its people, it’s a flag that represents a nation, the heritage of the people, their traditions, their culture and it doesn’t represent a terrorist group.”

The flag will fly right below the POW-MIA flag.

The New York Post noted how outrageous the move was and how leaders did everything they could to put on the anti-Israel show. “The tony town — median household income north of $120,000, per Census data — is flying the red, white, black and green Palestinian flag from its common flagpole. 

That’s after an October policy change specifically restricted such flag-flying to governmental speech. 

Meaning that this message is in some sense official.”

The decision to fly the Palestinian flag comes as members of the House of Representatives were left in shock and disbelief after a screening of a compilation of self-recorded videos made by Hamas during the attacks of October 7. 

The roughly 45-minute video assembled by the Israeli government — versions of which have been shown to international media, diplomats and lawmakers, among others — includes graphic footage of Hamas murders and atrocities, some of it pulled from the group’s own body cameras,” according to Jewish Insider.

“Lawmakers left the screening largely in grave silence, visibly shaken, several of them openly crying and comforting one another. One lawmaker, Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez (D-WA), left the screening in tears less than five minutes after entering.

The screening was attended by a packed audience of lawmakers, including some such as Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Greg Casar (D-TX), who are supporting a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) attended for a few minutes. The screening was organized by the House Foreign Affairs Committee.”

“How anyone could call for a cease-fire after watching that — they’re not understanding what is actually happening,” Rep. Mike Lawler., a New York Republican told the outlet as he walked from the screening.

Does North Andover do movie nights?

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