Trump Turncoats Spill The Beans To Prosecution

[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

Last month, multiple people indicted Fulton County District Attorney Fani T. Willis over the 2020 Trump Campaign’s attempt to challenge the election in Georgia “flipped” in exchange for lesser charges. Now Jenna Ellis, Kenneth Chesebro, and Sidney Powell opened up, telling prosecutors what happened during those fateful weeks in November and December of 2020.

In a bombshell exclusive, ABC News reported that “as part of a plea deal, one of former President Donald Trump’s attorneys has told prosecutors in Georgia that she was informed in the wake of the 2020 election that Donald Trump was “not going to leave” the White House — despite the fact that he had already lost the election and most of his subsequent challenges.

The revelation, and others, came during a confidential interview the attorney, Jenna Ellis, had with Fulton County investigators. ABC News has obtained portions of videos of the proffer sessions of both Ellis and Sidney Powell, two attorneys who aided Trump’s efforts to overturn the election. The videos for the first time reveal details of what they have told law enforcement since agreeing to cooperate last month in the district attorney’s election interference case.

Ellis, in her proffer session, informed prosecutors that senior Trump White House official Dan Scavino told her “the boss” would refuse to leave the White House despite losing the election, and alluded to two other instances she said were “relevant” to prosecutors — but appeared to be prevented from disclosing those in the video portions obtained by ABC News due to attorney-client privilege, which hindered portions of her proffer.”

Ellis wasn’t the only one to comment on Trump’s knowledge about the plan to “find votes” in Georgia. Sidney Powell, one of the leading figures in Trump’s fight against the election results, told prosecutors about her plan to seize voting machines across the country and that she routinely filled in the former president about what she was trying to do. 

In the session, ABC News continued, “Powell reiterated the false assertion that Trump won the election — but acknowledged in the video that she didn’t know much about election law to begin with.”

In light of the videos circulating across the internet and through media, Willis has filed for an emergency protective order to prevent more leaks of evidence she’s gathering against the 45th president. 

“These confidential video recordings were not released by the State to any party other than the defendants charged in the indictment, pursuant to the discovery process as required by law,” the filing said, according to The Washington Post. “The release of these confidential video recordings is clearly intended to intimidate witnesses in this case, subjecting them to harassment and threats prior to trial, constitutes indirect communication about the facts of this case with codefendants and witnesses, and obstructs the administration of justice, in violation of the conditions of release imposed on each defendant.”

Prosecutors also announced they would no longer share “confidential video recordings of proffers” to any defense attorneys involved in the case and said they must view those statements in person at the district attorney’s office. “They may take notes, but they will be prohibited from creating any recordings or reproductions.”

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