Popular Fox News Wonders If There’s More To The Naomi Biden Story

[The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons]

There appears to be some parts missing in the White House’s account of what happened when three assailants allegedly approached the caravan transporting the Hunter Biden’s anti-gun daughter earlier in the week. 

A Secret Service agent guarding one of President Biden’s granddaughters fired at three people seen breaking into an unoccupied government vehicle in Washington late Sunday but did not appear to have hit them, according to a senior law enforcement official, according to The New York Times.

The three people remain at large, and there is no indication that they knew that the vehicle was part of the protective detail for Mr. Biden’s granddaughter Naomi Biden when they smashed a window around 11:30 p.m. in the upscale Georgetown section of the city.

The three fled in a red vehicle, and a bulletin was immediately issued to local and federal law enforcement agencies. The incident is being investigated by the District of Columbia’s Metropolitan Police Department and the Secret Service.

Jesse Watters, a popular host from Fox News, expressed doubt about the transparency of the Secret Service regarding an incident on Monday.

“They say three males were attempting to break into a Secret Service agent’s vehicle in Georgetown, very nice neighborhood, and an agent fired a round at them,” Watters said. “The Secret Service says they don’t believe anybody was shot, but they’re not sure. So maybe the Secret Service agent missed, which isn’t so great, or maybe he doesn’t and there’s a dead or injured carjacker somewhere in D.C. courtesy of Naomi Biden’s Secret Service and these three guys are still at large.”

“Naomi Biden wasn’t in the car because the agent would have been in there with her and the carjackers wouldn’t have smashed a window in a vehicle with two people in it,” Watters said. “Secret Service protocol requires the agents only fire their weapons if they are facing imminent serious danger or death. They are trained to never discharge their weapons near the protectee, there could be a misfire or invite return fire. Using deadly force to stop a car from being stolen in Georgetown doesn’t make sense. There’s something they’re not telling us.”

“We’re missing a couple pieces of the puzzle,” former Secret Service agent Bobby McDonald told Watters. “Federal agents will not pull out their weapons and discharge in a free form flow with respect to different things that are happening. My guess is that potentially one or more of the three perpetrators either brandished a weapon or holding some type of weapon that may have been used as a weapon and the agent felt in danger of his life and or his partner’s in and around the area.”

The Fox News host pointed out that things have certainly been interesting for the Secret Service. During the summer, the agency found a bag of cocaine near the Oval Office, but was unable to identify–in one of the most secure buildings in the United States–whom it belonged to

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