Trump Requests Appeals Court Cancel Gag Order

[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

Former President Trump blamed a restraining order issued against him on “speculation” regarding the potential actions of his supporters and called for the order to be repealed.

The remark was included in Trump’s opening brief in his appeal of Judge Tanya Chutkan’s gag order, which prevents him from speaking in a way that might “target” prosecutors, witnesses, or court employees who are connected to the case.

The document, which follows multiple rounds of previous briefs on the gag order, essentially restates Trump’s claims that they violate his First Amendment rights and stress their significance to him as a presidential contender.

“President Trump has made many public statements about this case in the three months since his indictment, and yet the Department of Justice … submitted no evidence of any ‘threats’ or ‘harassment’ to prosecutors, witnesses, or court staff during that time,” Trump’s attorneys wrote in a statement.

Trump’s earlier remarks about the election had sparked threats against his targets, as evidenced by a September motion for the gag order that included multiple incidents.

These included threats against two Georgia election workers who were later forced to leave their homes for their safety and a Pennsylvania election official who later received death threats against him and his family.

In the document, Trump cites a section of the hearing during which the prosecution stated that there was just speculation about the hazards involved in this case.

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