House of Representatives Advances Bill to Censure Rashida Tlaib

[Photo Credit: By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America - Robert F. Kennedy Jr., CC BY-SA 2.0,]

The House will vote on whether to penalize Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib of Michigan over her remarks regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict on Wednesday.

In a procedural vote on Tuesday, the motion to proceed with Tlaib’s censure—a penalty that is equivalent to being kicked out of the House—was advanced.

The legislation was put forth by Republican Rep. Rich McCormick of Georgia in reaction to Tlaib’s alleged propagation of antisemitic discourse.

“Rep. Tlaib has levied unbelievable falsehoods about our greatest ally, Israel, and the attack on October 7,” McCormick said.

The censure resolution was the subject of passionate and heated debate. Tlaib, flanked by other Democrats, defended her position and charged Republicans with attempting to stifle dissenting opinions over the protracted Middle East crisis.

A momentous vote on the House floor pertaining to the censure push coincides with political tensions surrounding the continuing, lethal Israel-Hamas conflict.

The Democratic Party has been divided over the American response, despite the fact that historically, the majority of both parties have solidly sided on the side of Israel.

President Joe Biden has been under fire from some on the left for his position and has been encouraged to impose restrictions on US backing for Israel as its aggressive military assault results in an increasing number of Palestinian deaths every day.

However, the result of the vote on Wednesday is still up in the air because many Democratic colleagues of Tlaib have grown ambivalent about her recent remarks, particularly in relation to a slogan she used that is commonly interpreted as advocating for the annihilation of Israel.

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