National Archives Dragging Feet On Releasing Info To Congress

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Earlier in the summer, investigations into the Biden Family’s shady business dealings revealed that Joe Biden deployed fake email names to contact family members about what he was up to while serving as vice president. 

New Conservative Post wrote that House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer demanded that the National Archives release thousands of unredacted records where the president deployed a pseudonym during his vice presidency to hide his identity. 

“Emails previously released by the Archives and retrieved from Hunter’s abandoned laptop reveal that Joe Biden used the email address “[email protected]” while he was President Barack Obama’s second-in-command and that his aide John Flynn cc’d Hunter on 10 emails containing the elder Biden’s daily schedule between May 18 and June 15, 2016.

Comer’s request covers records using Biden’s other known pseudonyms — “Robin Ware” and “JRB Ware” — and makes pointed requests for certain documents, such as drafts of Biden’s December 2015 speech to Ukraine’s parliament, according to The New York Post.

Now it looks like The National Archives is dragging its feet. 

The Biden administration is obstructing the House impeachment inquiry by withholding 99.98 percent of emails from President Joe Biden, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) recently told Breitbart.

The emails, thousands of which are under aliases, are in the possession of the National Archives and are relevant to the impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden. The alias accounts raise concern because they are unusual, suspicious, and “shady,” experts and lawmakers previously told Breitbart News. The use of a private email for official business is discouraged by law.

“This lack of transparency from the self-identified ‘most transparent administration in history’ is looking more like obstruction every day,” he continued. “Congress needs full access to these records and others as part of our investigation into Joe Biden and the Biden family’s corruption.”

“The House Oversight Committee will continue to use the power of the gavel to obtain records necessary to our investigation,” he concluded.

Republicans are specifically looking for an unredacted email showing that then-Vice President Biden spoke with the president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, on May 27, 2016.

GOP investigators say the document was emailed to ‘Robert L. Peters’ with Hunter Biden copied.”

The Biden family and its associates were reported to have amassed over $24 million from various sources, including Ukraine, Russia, China, Romania, and Kazakhstan, as indicated in a House memo released ahead of the initial impeachment inquiry hearing for President Joe Biden. 

Comer has likened the scheme to organized crime. 

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