Biden Polling Poorly So He Makes Absurd Decision

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Joe Biden was already one of the most unpopular presidents in modern history, but now the anti-Semites that make up much of the Democrat’s leftwing base is demanding that he sink even lower, arguing that the real thing driving his numbers lower isn’t the failure of “Bidenomics” or the constant state of confusion he reveals anytime he steps on the stage. No, they insist, what’s really driving his numbers down is that he doesn’t dislike Israel enough.

 According to an aggregate of polls on the subject, the sitting president has a disapproval rating of 53.8 percent compared to 40.1 percent approval. When compared to those of his predecessors, it could prove an early sign of the challenge he faces in seeking a second term, according to Newsweek.

Biden’s unpopularity has been a burgeoning trend since last year, with recent polling suggesting his campaign is struggling to connect with voters on his economic agenda while facing ongoing questions about his age.

In a recent Rasmussen Reports poll of 1,500 likely voters, conducted between October 24 and 30, 56 percent disapproved of Biden’s record as president so far, compared to 42 percent who approved.

Another poll, by Redfield & Wilton Strategies, found that, as of October 29, 45 percent of 1,500 registered voters disapproved of Biden to 38 percent who approved. When the two polls are adjusted to take into account different modeling, they both give a similar view of around half of voters viewing the president unfavorably.

Biden’s tanking numbers have Democrats worried, especially as their coalition cracks along the fault line of whether or not Israel has the right to defend itself from terrorism and leaders in the party debate if Jewish students being threatened on campus is a sign of “islamophobia.”

Democrats in Michigan, according to The Associated Press, “have warned the White House that President Joe Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict could cost him enough support within the Arab American community to sway the outcome of the 2024 election in a state he almost certainly can’t afford to lose in his bid for reelection.

The situation has prompted the White House to discuss ways to alleviate tensions with some of the state’s prominent Democrats, including several who have been vocal critics of the president about the war.

‘The message has been relayed. We’ve had calls with the White House. We’ve had calls with DNC officials,’ said Abraham Aiyash, the third-ranking Democrat in the state House of Representatives, referring to the Democratic National Committee. ‘We’ve been clear in saying the humanity should matter, but if that is not a calculation that you’re going to make in this moment, recognize that there will be electoral reverberations to this.’”

Rashida Tlaib, a congresswoman from Michigan who has allegedly raised money from Hamas and spread misinformation about Israel, attacked Joe Biden personally at a recent rally.

The Biden administration, as always, has obliged its leftwing base, but this time it’s facing backlash from regular Americans after earlier in the week it announced the creation of “the first ever US National Strategy to Counter Islamophobia” in the United States amid rising levels of antisemitism.

The New York Post reports that “the White House’s focus on combatting Islamophobia comes one day after both the arrest of a 21-year-old self-identified “Hamas fighter” in New York who allegedly threatened to kill and rape Jews at Cornell University and FBI Director Christopher Wray telling senators that antisemitism is reaching “historic levels” in the US following Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel.

Canadian professor Gad Saad, who referenced the statistics Wray presented to senators Tuesday, was one of many who took to social media to express dismay with the Biden administration’s anti-Islamophobia announcement.”

So far, no major Democrats have directly challenged Joe Biden’s standing as the leader of the party, but he has picked up a primary challenger in the primary. Dean Phillips, a congressman from Minnesota, recently filed to run against the president. Citing his age and fear that Biden will lose to Trump, the congressman has began his campaign in New Hampshire in October.

Recent polling has shown Biden and Trump in a close race.

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