Trump Demands Judge Leave his Children Out of Ongoing Fraud Case

[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

In a social media statement on Wednesday, the former president of the United States demanded that the judge presiding over his civil fraud case in New York to leave his children alone.

Additionally, he contended that there is sufficient evidence to dismiss the case.

Contrary to some of the testimonies given during the trial, the former president stated in his statement that the financial figures from his companies were actually lower than their true value.

He also restated the defense’s contention that banks were paid in full and that the statements had a “disclaimer clause.”

“This Rigged Trial, brought by the Racist New York State A.G. Letitia James before Trump and developer Hating Judge, Arthur Engoron, which should have never been brought in that the so-called STAR WITNESS, SleazeBag Lawyer (for many people) Michael Cohen, admitted last week on the stand that he LIED. Therefore, on that fact alone, this Fake Case should be dismissed,” Trump wrote on his Truth Social account.

His remarks coincide with the ongoing legal trial in which New York Attorney General Letitia James is suing Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, his two eldest sons, as well as Trump’s businesses.

According to the lawsuit, the Trump family allegedly lied for years about how much the Trump Organization’s assets were worth in order to get better insurance and reduced taxes.

On Wednesday, Trump Jr. is scheduled to testify in court, and on Thursday, Eric Trump is scheduled to do the same.

Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter, is anticipated to testify in the lawsuit as well.

She had previously been listed as a defendant in the case, but the statute of limitations had run out, so a New York appeals court withdrew her from the case in June.

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