Chris Christie Warns That Mark Meadows’ Decision to Testify Could End Up Getting Trump Convicted

[Photo Credit: By Luke Harold - Politicon 2018, CC0,]

Mark Meadows’ decision to testify, in Chris Christie’s opinion, is a “deadly” development for former President Donald Trump.

The Republican presidential contender was asked about Trump’s previous gaffes during an appearance on Morning Joe, which the program brutally parodied in a montage.

“I think it’s the stress of what he knows is coming and his criminal problems. That’s all post-Mark Meadows (agreeing to testify). And I think everybody watching needs to understand from somebody who did this work for seven years, you don’t give Mark Meadows immunity unless the evidence he has is unimpeachable. And I said this yesterday: I want all Republican voters to understand this. What’s going to be happening in March? He’s to be sitting in a courtroom, Washington, D.C., with Mark Meadows 20 feet away from him saying he committed crimes in front of me on my watch.” Christie said.

Christie thinks that stress is the cause of Trump’s mistakes.

Christie continued by saying that he thought the consequences for Trump would be lethal for him legally.

“Look, this is a guy who was Velcroed to Trump’s hip for the entire 2020 campaign and all the post-campaign nonsense. And so this is deadly. It’s done. He’s going to be convicted. It’s over.” he concluded.

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