Conservatives And White House Agree: The New York Times Is Trash

[David Lienemann, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons]

Score one for bipartisanship? Although his hard-left allies parade through city streets or hold rallies on college campuses calling for the genocide of Israel, even Joe Biden thought that the New York Times publishing Hamas propaganda about a hospital bombing took things too far. 

In the midst of responding to one of the largest terrorist attacks in its history, the Gray Lady appeared to shamefully blame Israel for a rocket blast at a Gaza hospital that video showed clearly came from pro-Palestinian forces. 

The Times, along with many other corporate media outlets, immediately parroted the Ministry of Health in Gaza’s accusation about the Oct. 17 bombing and claimed the attack killed 500 people. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and U.S. intelligence officials presented evidence showing a misfire launched by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad hit the parking lot of the hospital, and found no evidence of Israeli involvement, according to The Daily Caller.

Biden held a small meeting with Wall Street executives in the White House’s Roosevelt Room early last week where he reportedly raged against the Times for including the “irresponsible” headline “in an American newspaper, Semafor reported. He said the report could have caused a military escalation in the Middle East.

Liberal outlets stealth-edited the headlines once Israeli and U.S. officials disputed claims about Israel causing the bombing. Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that “the other team” likely caused the bombing during his Oct. 18 visit to Israel.

The Biden administration dismissed the Gaza Health Ministry’s recorded death numbers as propaganda, Semafor reported. One source reportedly told Semafor that some staffers at the Times have pushed their colleagues not to cite the health ministry’s numbers.

Semafor noted that “Democratic leaders have perpetual love-hate relationships with The Times, the most powerful media outlet by far in setting their party’s agenda – and one they typically see as insufficiently loyal.

Biden’s relationship with the news organization soured during his presidential campaign over what his team saw as unfavorable coverage that underestimated his electoral chances and political instincts. Biden has continued to rebuff interview requests with the paper’s news reporters, opting instead to speak with its friendlier opinion columnists. On X, the White House has repeatedly boosted the New York Times Pitchbot, a popular progressive account that attempts to spoof the paper.

Palestinian civilian death counts are a particularly heated and sensitive topic. This week, Biden and other White House officials dismissed the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry’s death numbers as unreliable propaganda. Some journalists agree: One person familiar with the situation told Semafor that some of the news organization’s own staff have put pressure on The Times not to use the Gaza Health Ministry’s tally.”

The New York Times isn’t the only liberal ally that Biden believes has crossed the line. The President recently announced actions that will force college campuses to protect its Jewish student populations amidst growing antisemitism happening on campuses across the country. 

At Cornell University, for example, the police needed to guard a kosher dining hall after threats were posted on a university message board. 

At Cooper Union, a mob of leftwing anti-Israel students surrounded a library, trapping Jewish students inside, causing librarians working there to offer them the building’s attic as a hiding place. 

The president has directed the departments of Justice and Homeland Security to partner with campus law enforcement in an effort to track hate-related rhetoric online and provide federal resources to schools, according to the plan shared with NBC News.

“Dozens of cybersecurity and protective security experts at DHS have been detailed to engage with schools as they navigate incredibly tense environments, a White House official said. 

Second gentleman Doug Emhoff and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona will meet with leading Jewish organizations to discuss the issue of growing antisemitism at colleges Monday, the official said. 

The White House will also highlight how the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights has expedited an update of its complaint form. For the first time, it will make it clear that Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits certain forms of antisemitism and Islamophobia. 

The Education Department has conducted site visits to gather more information about antisemitism at schools in San Francisco, St. Louis and Maine in recent weeks, with stops planned in New York City and Baltimore this week, the official said.”

There has been no word if Rep. Rashida Tlaib or Ilhan Omar find these moves by the White House to be an impeachable offense.  

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