Five Police Officers Working Undercover Shot by Rampaging Suspect

[Photo Credit: by Highway Patrol Images.]

On Thursday, five “undercover” Minnesota police officers were shot and injured as a suspect was apprehended and taken into custody.

Officers were carrying out a search warrant when the event happened in Benton County, which is located in east central Minnesota.

The cops were part of the Sherburne County Drug Task Force and are expected to live.

Authorities have identified the alleged shooter as a 64-year-old man, Karl Holmberg.

The incident occurred when the cops were carrying out a search warrant in Glendorado Township, roughly 60 miles from Minneapolis, according to Benton County Sheriff Troy Heck.

While the other officers sustained gunshot wounds, two of the officers were wounded while wearing bulletproof vests. During the encounter, the suspect was hurt as well, and he was transported to the hospital.

Heck reported that the police had proclaimed their presence when they arrived at a Glendorado property about 7:00 a.m. Then they were shot at, he continued, and fired back.

After many hours of negotiating, Holmberg apparently finally gave himself up.

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