Democrat Senator Bob Menendez Indicted on Bribery Charges

[Photo Credit: By Senator Bob Menendez - DSC_0689, CC BY 2.0,]

Democratic New Jersey U.S. Senator Bob Menendez and his wife have now reportedly been indicted on bribery allegations related to their “corrupt relationship with three New Jersey businessmen,” according to a Friday announcement by federal prosecutors in New York.

The businessmen purportedly bribed Menendez in an attempt to benefit the country of Egypt.

The indictment alleges that Menendez and his wife, Nadine Menendez, accepted bribes through a halal meat certifying company that obtained a monopoly with the Egyptian government to certify imported meat.

Nadine Menendez texted her husband after learning that the company was likely to become Egypt’s sole meat certifier, “Halal seems to have passed. It could be a fantastic year in every aspect.”

The alleged bribes included cash, gold ingots, a luxury automobile, and more.

Perhaps most damning of all, according to the indictment, during a search of their residence, investigators discovered envelopes of cash stuffed into closets and apparel, including jackets bearing the name of Senator Menendez.

Menendez, who has served in the Senate since 2006, was indicted on unrelated federal corruption allegations in 2015, but the jury could not reach a verdict, so the charges were dropped.

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