Biden Gives Amnesty to More Than 400,000 Venezuelans Migrants

[Photo Credit: By The White House - F20220504ES-00134, Public Domain,]

Wednesday, the Biden administration reportedly implemented a major new strategic shift in border policy, granting more than 400,000 Venezuelans work permits and fortifying overburdened border enforcement agencies with military support.

The actions are in response to pressure from Democrats and immigrant advocates, as well as rapidly shifting dynamics on the migrant trail leading to the U.S.-Mexico border, where hundreds of thousands of migrants are already traveling north.

By allowing all Venezuelans who arrived prior to July 31 to temporarily work and reside in the United States, the Biden administration hopes to alleviate pressure on Democratic-controlled states and cities, whose shelter systems were inundated by new arrivals who were unable to support themselves.

In recent weeks, CBP has occasionally shut down key international bridges and railroad crossings and redirected its personnel to assist Border Patrol in apprehending migrants as numbers continue to surge past the breaking point.

Wednesday, CBP personnel were withdrawn from an Eagle Pass, Texas, bridge and railroad crossing.

The decision to grant Venezuela Temporary Protected Status (TPS) treble overnight the number of eligible Venezuelans for work permits and deferred deportation for at least 18 months.

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