Air Force Secretary Claims China Currently Preparing for War With U.S.

[Photo Credit: DOD photo by U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Aaron Hostutler]

On Monday, Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall reportedly issued a warning that China was bolstering its military in anticipation of a future conflict with the United States and that the United States must strengthen its forces to fend off the growing danger.

The United States needs to be prepared for a new sort of battle, according to Kendall, who was speaking at the Air and Space Forces Association Warfighter Symposium in National Harbor, Maryland.

Kendall argued that it was crucial to get ready for war because China is rapidly expanding its military and has established two new military branches: one to combat aircraft carriers, airfields, and other vital infrastructure, and the other to achieve information dominance in the cyber and space domains.

“China has been reoptimizing its forces for great power competition and to prevail against the U.S. in the Western Pacific for over 20 years.” he said

“China has been building a military capability specifically designed to achieve their national goals and to do so if opposed by the United States,” he continued.

Increasing tensions over Taiwan, a self-governing island republic that Beijing believes was once a part of the mainland, have brought U.S.-China relations to a low point.

President Biden has frequently stated that in the event of a forced takeover of the island by the Chinese President Xi Jinping, the United States would send troops to assist in defending the island.

Washington has armed Taiwan with cutting-edge weapons and still keeps informal connections with the island.

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