Nancy Mace Predicts Doom for GOP if Far-Right Members Turn on Moderates

[Photo Credit: By Jm817 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,]

Republicans will lose in 2024, according to Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC), if moderate members of Congress are pressured into adopting more radical stances, such as those supporting abortion and the probable impeachment of President Joe Biden.

When Mace appeared on CNN’s The Source, Kaitlan Collins questioned her on whether or not she agreed with the idea of looking into Biden’s impeachment.

When questioned on whether moderate Republicans may lose their seats if they were coerced into backing a Biden impeachment, Mace responded:

“Oh, 100% it puts them at risk, but also Biden district Republicans are the reason that Republicans are in the majority, have the slim majority that we have today, and if we want to keep that majority, we have to keep those folks in their seats.” Mace said.

“And so you don’t do that by making Republicans in moderate districts walk the plank on abortion, walk the plank on women’s issues, walk the plank on birth control, walk the plank on an impeachment vote. Like, those are all the reasons why we will lose next year if we continue down that path.” she continued.

“But then why have the impeachment inquiry if it’s going to put your majority at risk?” Collins said in response.

“An inquiry is an investigative tool. It’s different from an impeachment. On the impeachment side, you know the House would investigate, the Senate would essentially hold a trial. But no, I mean the Senate’s not gonna hold a trial, there’s not gonna be 60 votes, it’s not happening.” Mace said in conclusion.

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