Former Democrat Mayor of Atlanta Claims Crowd at Trump Surrender was full of ‘Hatred’

[Photo Credit: By Netherlands Embassy - Atlanta City Hall, CC BY 2.0,]

During a recent interview with CNN on Thursday before Trump’s surrender, former Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms (D) reportedly claimed to have witnessed “hatred” among a group of former president Trump’s fans gathered outside the Fulton County, Georgia, jail.

Bottoms claimed that the crowd believed she was Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, whose years-long investigation into attempts to rig the Georgia 2020 election resulted in charges against Trump and 18 other people last week.

“Just walking through the crowd, there was a lot of hatred out here. They thought that I was Fani Willis. Imagine that. A lot of hatred and really bad energy out here.” Bottoms said.

“There are tough days that come with these jobs. I don’t think that anybody wants to be subjected to threats. But, that being said, it’s part of the job.” she continued.

“And if we give in to that, then who are we as a country? That people don’t serve because they fear for their lives? I mean, that’s a threat to our democracy in and of itself.” she added.

Trump became the first American president to have his mug shot taken when he turned himself in at the Fulton County jail on Thursday night. Despite being detained in three prior indictments, Trump was only required to take a mug picture in the Georgia election tampering case.

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