Lawmakers in North Carolina GOP Override Democrat Governor’s Veto of Legislation Designed to Protect Children

[Photo Credit: By unknown, official Flickr account for Roy Cooper -, PDM-owner,]

Republican lawmakers in North Carolina reportedly voted on Wednesday to override Democratic Governor Roy Cooper’s attempt to veto a package of bills that included protections for biological women’s sports, parental control over children’s education, and a ban on medical professionals performing gender reassignment procedures on children.

Cooper vetoed three bills last month that he claimed Republicans were pushing as a triple threat of political culture wars to hurt children and harm North Carolina’s reputation.

However, the GOP-led General Assembly fought back with an overwhelming victory by passing legislation and other bills meant to shield children from radical gender theory.

Legislators in the House and Senate made North Carolina the 22nd state to outlaw hormone treatment, puberty-blocking medications, and gender reassignment surgery for anybody under the age of 18.

Although the measure goes into effect immediately, minors who began so-called gender-affirming care prior to August 1 may continue it with parental consent or if a physician deems it “medically necessary.”

Over the past several years, the medicalization of transgender youngsters has skyrocketed in popularity, forcing red and purple states to respond with a wave of restrictions.

According to statistics from the CDC’s Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance System and Youth Risk Behavior Survey, around 300,000 American teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 identified as transgender last year, a dramatic rise from the preceding several years.

Only a few states have passed the limits that at least 31 states have recommended on the use of child sex change therapies and surgeries.

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