New Focus Group Results Show That Group of Minority Voters Dismayed by Biden’s Poor Performance

[Photo Credit: By The White House - P20210805CS-1270, Public Domain,]

According to a new report, a recent focus group of minority male voters gave negative assessments of President Joe Biden’s management of the nation.

In contrast to his primary opponent, Vermont independent Sen. Bernie Sanders, Biden’s campaign repeatedly emphasized its outreach to minority voters in 2020.

According to a focus group of Biden voters conducted by HIT Strategies after two and a half years of his administration, minority men had poor opinions about how Biden handled important topics like the economy.

“People had [such] high hopes for him because he said he’s gonna set the bar here … and everything he’s done has [fallen] short,” one of the participants said.

“Trump got in there and he changed stuff … if you’re getting the job done, I can’t really hate on that,” the man continued.

Similar reservations about Biden’s administration have been voiced by minority voters outside of the HIT focus group.

In order for Biden to succeed in 2024 swing he needs to win states like Georgia and Pennsylvania, Democratic strategists fear that this shift in sentiment could lower minority voter turnout in these key states.

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