Former Trump Attorney Claims There’s Absolutely ‘No Chance’ Trump’s Georgia Case Goes To Trial in Less Than Two Years

[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

Ty Cobb, who worked in the White House for nearly 10 months starting in July 2017, is now reportedly advising observers not to anticipate a trial in Trump’s Georgia indictment until at least two years from now, saying that it is unlikely that Willis’s trial will precede the two charges brought by Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith against the former president.

He said that the lawsuit would “take a long time to prepare,” noting that petitions for severance and for the case’s dismissal will be made.

“There’s no chance in my view that Fani Willis goes within two years…everybody will have motions galore.” Cobb stated.

“And if it takes her, you know, two years — I mean, heaven forbid that Trump wins the presidency — then then there will be a fight to the Supreme Court over whether she can proceed against the sitting president during his term. That’s an issue that’s never been resolved.” he continued.

According to him, if the issue is heard after the 2024 presidential election, it may potentially pave the way for a Supreme Court conflict.

Before August 25, Trump and the other 18 must voluntarily surrender in Georgia.

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