Bill Barr Calls Out Double Standard Between DOJ’s Treatment of Trump and Hunter

[Photo Credit: By The United States Department of Justice -, Public Domain,]

Bill Barr, a former attorney general, reportedly criticized the Biden Justice Department for its “two standards” over its “aggressive” handling of the most recent Trump indictment and its “lenient” handling of the Hunter Biden investigation.

Barr, who has been critical of his former boss since leaving office in the last weeks of the Trump administration, was outspoken in defending the Jan. 6-related charges against the “onslaught of attacks” made by detractors who claim the DOJ used its authority improperly or turned it into a weapon.

Barr said he wasn’t sure when asked directly if he would have let Smith to file the charges against Trump.

“I think there’s a legitimate case from a legal standpoint responding to a very grave misconduct. However, all cases are under the discretion of the Attorney General as to whether to bring them, not in question of unfairness to Trump, but in the interest of the public interest and public considerations, and I think that there are some considerations here that I would have seriously considered not bringing the case.” Barr said.

“One of them is the divisiveness of the case compared to what will be achieved from it, especially in light of the handling of the Hunter Biden case, which crystallizes this very deep-seated feeling that there’s two standards. And here you are being aggressive against the President Trump. I’m not saying that it’s improper to bring the case, but I’m saying it’s an aggressive move versus, I think, very lenient treatment of Hunter Biden. And I think that that is very divisive in the country, and I would have taken that into account.” he continued.

Attorney General Merrick Garland’s appointment of Smith resulted in two federal charges against Trump, the first of which focused on his handling of secret papers and the second on his actions in the days preceding January 6.

IRS informants in charge of the investigation into the tax offenses of the younger Biden have come forward and accused the DOJ of interfering with their work.

They claim they were discouraged from looking into whether his father was involved in the shady business dealings and that Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss was prevented from filing more serious charges in California and Washington, D.C.

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