Watchdog Group Files Complaint Over ‘Race Based Hiring’ By Biden’s Nominee for Joint Chiefs

[Photo Credit: By U.S. Air Force -, Public Domain,]

On Monday, a watchdog organization reportedly complained about President Joe Biden’s choice to lead the Joint Chiefs of Staff because of his prior remarks on diversity.

Prior to a Senate hearing on Tuesday to consider Brown’s nomination, the American Accountability Foundation (AAF) filed a complaint against Air Force General C.Q.

Brown for his promotion of “race-based hiring,” citing Brown’s prior remarks about hiring “for diversity” and referring to the military as a “white boys club.”

The Department of Justice’s assistant attorney general for civil rights, Kristen Clarke, received the complaint against Brown.

On Tuesday, Brown will testify before the Senate Armed Forces Committee in place of Mark Milley, the current Joint Chiefs of Staff, who was picked by Biden to succeed him.

Prior to this, the AAF has drawn attention to a litany of statements Brown has made in interviews where he has stated his desire to diversify the military.

The Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment is allegedly violated by Brown’s remarks, according to the lawsuit.

Gen. Brown’s race-obsessed world view is an insult to our brave men and women of all colors. When a young private is sent into battle he needs to know the man commanding him was put there because he’s the most capable warrior, not because of the color of his skin. Especially at a time of increased military competition with China, we cannot afford to fall behind by making racial ‘diversity’ a priory at the cost of military excellence.” AAF President Tom Jones said in a statement he gave to the Daily wire.