New Polls Show DeSantis Surging Against Trump in Key States Post-Indictment

[Photo Credit: By Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America - Ron DeSantis, CC BY-SA 2.0,]

Following a 37-criminal count indictment, former President Donald Trump’s support among Republican primary voters overall barely changed; however, recent polling now reportedly appears to show a concerning sign for his campaign: in three battleground states, all of which have trended Democratic, he is trailing Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), his main rival for the presidency in 2024.

In a contest, according to polling from Public Opinion Strategies, DeSantis defeated President Joe Biden, while Trump lost to Biden in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona, three states that will be critical in determining who will be the next president of the United States and who will control Congress.

It comes after a different CNN survey that indicates support for the former president may be waning.

In Georgia, Biden was rated more favorably than Trump and DeSantis (43% vs. 42% and 37%, respectively).

Nevertheless, DeSantis had the lowest unfavorable rating (43%), trailing just Biden and Trump (53% and 54%, respectively).

DeSantis might take heart from the fact that 48% of those polled said they would support him for president, compared to only 45% who would support Biden.

In a contest between Biden and Trump, 47% of voters supported Biden, compared to 44% who would favor the outgoing president.

Another indication of potential Trump fatigue: 54% of respondents believed DeSantis could defeat Biden, while just 51% of respondents believed the same of Trump.

Additionally, 50% of those polled stated they would never, ever vote for Trump to be president.

In Pennsylvania, Biden received 44% of the vote, followed by Trump (39%), and DeSantis (35%). However, Trump got the most negative ratings, with 57%, followed by Biden (53%), and DeSantis (45%).

In a presidential battle, DeSantis would again defeat Biden 47% to 45%, while Biden would triumph over Trump 48% to 44%.

When respondents were asked which candidate could defeat Biden, there was a statistical tie between Trump and DeSantis.

Trump would defeat Biden, according to 53% of respondents, and DeSantis, according to 52%. Another 53% of respondents said they would never support Trump for president.

Biden once more had the best favorability rating in Arizona (41%), followed by Trump (39%), and DeSantis (34%).

However, the former president, with a 56% negative rating, was followed by Biden (54%), and DeSantis (41%). When compared to Biden, DeSantis won 46% of the vote versus Biden’s 40%.

When Trump and Biden were compared, Biden earned 44% of the vote while Trump only received 41%.

While Trump has consistently outperformed DeSantis in polls of Republican primary voters, DeSantis consistently comes in second place, polling in the double digits above lesser-known contenders.

The study of 500 voters was conducted by Public Opinion Strategies in Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania between June 17 and June 19. The poll’s error margin is 4.38 percentage points, plus or minus.

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