Geraldo Announces He Will No Longer Be Part of ‘The Five’ on Fox News

[Photo Credit: By Mark Taylor from Rockville, USA - Geraldo Rivera at White House, CC BY 2.0,]

Geraldo Rivera of Fox News revealed on Wednesday that he will be leaving the popular Fox News program “The Five.”

Rivera made the announcement on Twitter.

The next week’s Thursday and Friday, June 29 and 30, are his final scheduled appearances on the midday table discussion program, according to Rivera.

A few weeks ago, Fox purportedly canceled two of Rivera’s scheduled appearances on “The Five” after co-host Greg Gutfeld made fun of Rivera for attacking Tucker Carlson. Rivera has since left the program.

According to Fox News, Rivera began working for the network in 2001 as a war correspondent and has since hosted The Five on a rotating basis.

It’s not known if Rivera quit Fox News of his own free will or was fired.

This story is developing…

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