Lawyer for Accused Trump Aide Claims Biden DOJ Offered Him a ‘Quid Pro Quo’ Deal

[Photo Credit by Gage Skidmore]

Attorney Stanley Woodward  is reportedly now claiming that someone in President Joe Biden’s Justice Department offered him a reward for helping his client take down former President Donald Trump, including the possibility of a swift court appointment.

Woodward claimed in a court filing that Jay Bratt, head of the DOJ’s National Security Division’s Counterintelligence Section, had “suggested Woodward’s judicial application [for a DC Superior Court judgeship] might be considered more favorably if he and his client cooperated against Trump.”

Woodward is defending Trump’s co-defendant Walt Nauta in the federal case involving classified documents.

The accusation, which Woodward claims happened in November 2022 while prosecutors were seeking to get Nauta to help in the prosecution against Trump, was allegedly made in a letter filed under secrecy with Judge James Boasberg, the top U.S. Judge in Washington.

Conservative Federal prosecutor Will Scharf laid out in a Twitter Thread why the allegations are significant:

“This is not some fly by night TV lawyer. He’s a real deal legal heavyweight, and he’s leveling an extremely serious allegation of misconduct against a senior official at DOJ. Watch this issue as the case against Trump and Nauta begins to move. You’ll hear more about it, I’m sure.” Scharf said.

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