State of Minnesota Reportedly Planning to Give Free College Tuition to Illegal Migrants

[Photo Credit: By Jdkoenig - Own work, Public Domain,]

In Minnesota, free college tuition will reportedly soon be available to illegal immigrants.

Some people who are in the country illegally will be eligible to apply for Minnesota’s new free tuition program, which was approved last month by the Democratic majority in the legislature.

The “North Star Promise” initiative pays tuition for students whose families make $80,000 or less annually at the University of Minnesota or Minnesota State schools.

According to Fateh, a driving force for the initiative was the state’s public college institutions’ falling enrollment.

Candidates must fulfill residence criteria, which may include completing high school in Minnesota or residing there for a year without enrolling in college full-time.

Once they have received the tuition, students must maintain excellent academic standing in order to preserve it.

They must also file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.

Republicans have attacked the program, claiming that the $80,000 cap is unjust to youngsters whose parents work several jobs yet still qualify for financial assistance.

Republicans protested that they were left out of the legislative process that resulted in the passage of the education package.

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