Prosecutors Issue New Subpoena to Collect Info on Trump’s Foreign Ventures

[Photo Credit: By Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America - Donald Trump, CC BY-SA 2.0,]

Trump’s business ties in seven foreign nations since taking office in 2017 are reportedly the subject of a subpoena from prosecutors in charge of the federal criminal investigation into the former president’s handling of sensitive material.

According to the article, even though the Trump Organization didn’t conduct any international business while Trump was in government, he did strike a deal with a Saudi real estate firm for a project in Oman shortly before he declared his third presidential bid last October.

The subpoena asked for documents pertaining to Trump’s interactions with the LIV Golf golf league, which is controlled by Saudi Arabia and has hosted competitions at some of Trump’s golf properties.

Last week, CNN reported that prosecutors had discovered notes that Trump’s lawyer Evan Corcoran had taken in the spring of last year, when the former leader inquired about challenging a subpoena he had been issued to give over any secret data he could have in his possession.

The notes were made prior to a meeting with Trump’s legal counsel during which federal investigators claimed to have given over all sensitive information in the president’s hands.

A few weeks later, the FBI conducted a raid at Mar-a-Lago and discovered other secret documents there.

Another recent development in the investigation occurred last week when the National Archives notified the special counsel that it is prepared to turn over 16 records that allegedly demonstrated that Trump and his top advisers were aware of the procedure that Trump would need to follow to declassify information while he was president.

Unless a court injunction prevents it, the records are scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday by the National Archives.

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