Black Chicago Community Revolts After Illegal Migrants Overwhelm Neighborhood

[Photo Credit: By Егор Кислых - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,]

A plan to lodge illegal immigrants at an abandoned high school in the area is still being opposed by locals in Chicago’s south side, who argue that it would put the neighborhood’s already vulnerable Black inhabitants in danger.

Though just one bus of migrants from border states has arrived in Chicago this week, officials anticipate more and want to lodge hundreds in Windy City at a South Shore High School, according to Chicago’s Fox 32.

Many local residents are worried about the decision’s effects on the neighborhood; on Thursday, numerous Black residents of the area demonstrated against it in front of the school.

“Why would any leader put our Black communities already riddled with crime, at further risk by placing unvetted, non-taxpayers steps away from our seniors, our children, and our homes we’ve worked so hard on our own to secure,” local resident J. Darnell Jones said.

Should the judgment be confirmed, several hundred undocumented residents in the city might temporarily utilize the abandoned school’s facilities to sleep, eat, and take showers.

Locals also voiced their indignation at the idea of hosting hundreds of migrants in a region that is already struggling during a community meeting on May 4 at South Shore International College Preparatory High School.

In the midst of the crisis at America’s southern border, Chicago is one of several cities that are being overrun by illegal immigrants requesting asylum.

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