Man Who Shot and Killed AK Wielding BLM Protestor and Claimed Self Defense Convicted of Murder

[Photo Credit: By Redneck Revolt -, CC BY-SA 4.0,]

The trial of a United States Army sergeant accused of murdering a demonstrator at a social justice protest in Downtown Austin nearly three years ago has concluded.

The Travis County jury heard final comments from both the defense and prosecution in the case of Daniel Perry, who shot and killed Garrett Foster in July 2020, after hearing testimony from hundreds of witnesses.

The jury reportedly convicted Perry guilty of murder in connection with Foster’s death after 17 hours of deliberation.

Perry was found not guilty on the other charge, aggravated assault, by the jury.

Perry was working as a rideshare driver on July 25, 2020, when he took a turn into a street where a group of protesters were protesting police brutality. Perry and Foster clashed as a result of the erroneous turn.

According to Perry’s lawyer, Perry was swarmed by activists after dropping off a ridesharing passenger in Downtown Austin.

Some of them, including Foster himself, reportedly pounded on Perry’s automobile.

Foster and his fiancée had previously attended protests. Foster was clutching an AK-47 weapon at the one on July 25 during which Perry shot him dead.

According to Perry, Foster lifted the firearm’s muzzle in his direction, forcing Perry to shoot him. Perry dialed 911, but Foster died as a result of his injuries.

Perry said he acted in self-defense and surrendered to police after the incident and was initially cleared of wrongdoing by police, until a Soros-connected district attorney intervened.

After analyzing evidence, a grand jury indicted Perry in July 2021 for murder, lethal conduct, and aggravated assault.

Conservatives on social media expressed outrage at the verdict, as well as the district attorney’s links to notorious left-wing billionaire George Soros:

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