Womens’ Sports Advocate Assaulted During Visit to San Francisco

[Photo Credit: By Orin Zebest from San Francisco, CA, USA - SF State Students, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3658515]

After being assaulted while speaking at a Turning Point USA event held on the campus of San Francisco State University on Thursday night, Riley Gaines was reportedly escorted to safety by police officers. The event was hosted by Turning Point USA.

In a video that Gaines uploaded to Twitter, the woman who is now an advocate for women’s sports can be seen rushing down a corridor with police officers while transgender activists chanted manically that “Trans rights are human rights.”

Around the time when Gaines was speaking about her experience competing against Lia Thomas, a biological man who identifies as a transgender female, a swarm of protestors could be heard yelling outside the building.

The demonstrators were ultimately able to enter the room in which Gaines was giving her speech, which resulted in her having to leave the building.

Gaines said that she was violently assaulted while being taken by law enforcement.

Eli Bremer, who represents Gaines, stated that the incident will not discourage her from continuing to speak out against the situation.

The event got underway just after 6:50 p.m. in the Pacific time zone.

When nearly five hours had passed, the police ordered any remaining demonstrators to disperse or risk being arrested.

Gaines has stated that in her opinion, in order for there to be greater change, it is going to require female athletes to make brave decisions in the direction of boycotting competition.

Gaines has lately lauded the decision made by World Athletics to exclude biological males who identify as transgender women from participating in female athletic competitions.

She advocated for increased measures to be adopted in order to safeguard the athletic pursuits of younger girls.

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