Bill O’Reilly Slams Fox News Over Allegedly ‘Selling Out’ for Ratings

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Former Fox News star Bill O’Reilly is reportedly now criticizing his old employer following disclosures in newly filed court documents related to the conservative media giant’s defamation case.

“I’ll tell ya this, I would never have done what CNN and MSNBC did on Russian collusion or what Fox did on election fraud. I would rather be fired, I would leave the job. … I am not going to sell out for ratings, ever. And I never have.” O’Reilly said during an appearance on Chris Cuomo’s new show.

Fox is being sued for $1.6 billion by Dominion Voting Systems, which alleges the cable news behemoth deliberately broadcasted fraudulent statements against the corporation made by former President Trump and his cronies.

Among the charges mentioned in Dominion’s lawsuit, which cites internal correspondence by Fox workers, is that senior hosts at the network voiced anxiety about Trump and his advisers’ statements, as well as how the channel’s audience would react to fact checks on those claims.

Fox has defended itself on First Amendment grounds, and Dominion’s objectives and financial assessment were called into doubt in a filing last week.

O’Reilly, the network’s former top prime-time personality, was fired in 2017 after sexual harassment claims.

He has now embarked on a speaking tour with Trump and has featured on NewsNation several times.

O’Reilly began his career in journalism as a local news reporter in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and later worked as a television news anchor in several cities, including Dallas, Denver, and Boston.

In the early 1990s, he began hosting a talk radio show in New York City, which eventually led to his television career.

He rose to fame as the host of the political talk show “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News Channel, which aired from 1996 until 2017.

Throughout his career, O’Reilly has been known for his conservative views, sharp wit, and no-nonsense approach to journalism.

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