McCarthy Considers Giving Major Concession to Renegade Republicans in order to Secure Speakership

[Photo Credit: By Office of Congressman Kevin McCarthy -, Public Domain,]

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is reportedly considering a last-minute deal to get conservative holdouts on board and secure the speakership.

In exchange for his elevation to the position of House Speaker, the struggling California Republican is promising a change in legislative rules that would make it simpler to dismiss a speaker.

McCarthy’s proposal would decrease the bar for a move to resign the chair, forcing a vote on whether the speaker should be retained.

Currently, only a member of the House leadership may bring a move to vacate, thanks to a rule change pushed through by Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Conservative House Republicans are pressing for the elimination of that requirement, which would empower any member to trigger a vote on the speaker at any time.

Hardline Republicans regard allowing members to present a move to leave the chair as an insurance policy.

Many believe that if McCarthy is given the speakership, he will refuse to threaten a partial government shutdown in order to persuade President Biden to make policy compromises.

McCarthy cannot afford to disregard the requests given that the upcoming House GOP majority is just 222 members.

Officially, 218 votes are required on the House floor on January 3 to secure the speakership, providing everyone is present and votes.

McCarthy has already received five Republican public no votes.

Between 1910 and 2015, motions to quit the chair were used just twice.

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