Vice Media Cutting Staff as Profits Plummet

[Photo Credit: By Caroline Culler (User:Wgreaves) - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,]

According to a new report it now appears that Vice media is the latest in a long line of media organizations that are now being forced to cut back before the holidays.

According to two Vice employees reached for comment, the business has begun to quietly lay off workers at both its food vertical Munchies and its music vertical Noisey.

The media business intends to keep the websites and social pages up and running, but will cease generating content for Munchies.

Savings have been sought wherever they may be found, even in day-to-day costs.

Four current and former employees claimed that the company’s credit cards had been denied on occasion in recent months.

In addition, the company’s research subscriptions, including Pacer and Nexis, had been also allegedly been turned off at times.

According to “Vice News” has a history of exhibiting an extreme left wing bias in its reporting.

Vice had become well known, for their willingness to cover obscene and extreme stories from around the world, but in recent years has shifted its tone considerably in a progressive direction.

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