REPORT: LA County May Reimpose Mask Mandate

[Photo Credit: By Giuseppe Milo - Imported from 500px (archived version) by the Archive Team. (detail page), CC BY 3.0,]

On Thursday, Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer announced that the county may decide reimpose indoor-mask restrictions in the near future.

Citing an increase in COVID infections, which have increased by 180% from November 1 to 2,700 new COVID infections every day.

Ferrer noted that virus-related hospital admissions are now up 200% over the same time period last year.

According to CDC rules, if 200 out of 100,000 individuals are diagnosed each week, LA County will achieve a “high” level of infection.

According to Ferrer, the county will achieve that level by next week.

Ferrer stated that if local hospitals have a daily average admission rate of more than 10 per 100,000 people and more than 10% of staffed inpatient beds are occupied by COVID patients, she will make the call to impose the indoor mask legislation throughout LA County.

On Thursday, the first criterion had already been fulfilled, with 11.9 new admissions per 100,000 inhabitants, but the second metric had still to be met, with COVID patients accounting for just 5.6% of staffed inpatient beds.

On social media, some people objected to the enforcement of an indoor mask rule.

Masks are still necessary inside health-care and congregate-care institutions in Los Angeles County, or for anybody who has been exposed to the virus in the past 10 days.

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