REPORT: U.S. Ambassador Slammed for Wearing Hijab During Meeting With Pro-Hezbollah Officials

[Photo Credit: By U.S. Embassy in Lebanon -, Public Domain,]

The US ambassador to Lebanon is now reportedly under fire from within her own State Department for wearing a hijab at talks with pro-Hezbollah leaders earlier this month.

The incident comes at a time when Iranian protestors are currently staging an uprising against exactly such draconian displays of radical religiosity.

Dorothy Shea, the senior US ambassador in Lebanon since 2020, was recently seen meeting with Lebanon’s Higher Shiite Islamic Council, a religious body that experts believe is affiliated with Hezbollah.

The Iranian-backed terror organisation that has enormous political power in Lebanon and also significant influence in Iran.

According to a senior diplomatic source, the gesture undercuts US attempts to encourage Iranian protestors who are marching in the streets against such extreme religious displays

The photographs enraged some State Department diplomats, who saw Shea’s decision to wear a head covering as tone-deaf and insulting at a time when Iranians were protesting against a theocratic dictatorship that had just killed a 22-year-old woman for not properly wearing her hijab.

This is in addition to the hundreds of protestors who have since died trying to oppose the tyrannical regime.

Iranian-American organizations and independent specialists were also reportedly taken aback by the photographs of Shea wearing a hijab.

While the Biden State Department has technically stated its support for the Iranian demonstrators, it has been chastised for failing to take actual steps to assist them.

According to a senior Republican congressional source who works with State Department officials, the administration’s reluctance to confront the matter implies that administration officials are embarrassed by Shea’s performance.

The US ambassador to Lebanon is also under fire for personally engaging with a religious group that is viewed as close to Iran’s Hezbollah fighters.

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