Montana Attorney General Expresses Concerns that Fedex and UPS Working With Biden to Track American Gun Owners

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Montana’s top law enforcement officer is now reportedly concerned that shipping companies UPS and FedEx may be collaborating with the Biden administration to try and  circumvent rules that prohibit the federal government from compiling a nationwide database of Americans who own guns in accordance with their second amendment rights.

Republican Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen claims that new shipping criteria will allow UPS and FedEx to track handgun purchases without requiring warrants, which are normally legally required to obtain such information, in order to share such information with federal agencies.

According to the letter, signed by Knudsen and 16 other state attorneys general, the new shipping requirements require licensed weapons dealers to provide specific information about consumers who receive things by mail.

The letter lacks concrete evidence that the companies are actually sharing information with federal authorities, but it does reference interactions between state officials and licensed weapons dealers who believe they were pushed to comply with these requirements.

In an interview with the Free Beacon, Knudsen expressed worry that UPS and FedEx may be somehow collaborating with the Biden administration to avoid a restriction on the formation of a federal gun owner database.

According to sources in Knudsen’s office, the Biden administration’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms  told [the firms] they had to do this.

According to Knudsen, these rules may contravene his state’s consumer protection laws.

Sellers are also supposedly expected to keep all records pertaining to individual products transported and to provide such information to the shipping business upon request.

A FedEx spokesperson refuted the portrayal of their new policies.

The state officials are requesting that UPS and FedEx provide them with internal documents and communications about the alleged rule changes within 30 days, including any information on whether they enacted these policies with the goal of information sharing with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) or any other federal agency.

This includes any government officials who may have had contact with the shipping businesses.

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