REPORT: New California Reparations Bill to Give Black Residents Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

[Photo Credit: by Famartin via Wikimedia Commons]

According to new calculations compiled by the state of California’s task force studying reparations for slavery, the first of its kind in the nation, black individuals in the state may be eligible to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars when and if reparations are approved in the state.

Economic consultants for the state’s reparations task force  recently presented calculations for specific scenarios that include figures totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars in reparations for each California resident who can prove they are the descendant of an enslaved person.

The task group released its first report during the summer and has until June of next year to present its second and final report to the state assembly.

The report announced the following items:

-Reparations based on the national average racial wealth disparity: $358,293.

-Compensation based on the monetary worth of certain state-level harms: $223,239 for housing discrimination and redlining.

-$124,678 for unjustified mass imprisonment.

-$127,226  for Health harms caused by healthcare inequities and other variables.

The task force’s findings will be considered by state politicians, who may develop laws on the sort and amount of reparations that Black citizens should receive.

Last month California Governor Gavin Newsom vetoed a motion to extend the deadline for the task force, speeding up the schedule for potential reparations in the state.

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