Pence Refuses to Endorse Trump for 2024, Claims He Has ‘Somebody Else’ He Prefers More

[Photo Credit: By Matt Johnson from Omaha, Nebraska, United States - IMG_3361, CC BY 2.0,]

Former Vice President Mike Pence hinted on Wednesday that if former President Donald Trump is the Republican contender in the next presidential election, he might not support him.

A student asked Pence after his talks at Georgetown University on Wednesday if he would vote for Trump if he became the Republican nominee in 2024.

“Well, there might be somebody else I prefer more,” Pence said in response to the question.

He assured the student that the party will figure out future leadership.

“All my focus has been on the midterm elections, and it’ll stay that way for the next 20 days. But after that, we’ll be thinking about the future. Ours and the nation’s. And, I’ll keep you posted. OK?” He continued.

The statements have fanned ongoing rumors that he is considering running for President.

Pence has been raising millions of dollars for Republican candidates ahead of the November elections.

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