Barron Trump Makes Public Debut at Father’s Florida Rally

[Photo Credit: By The White House from Washington, DC - President Trump Returns to D.C., Public Domain,]

Barron Trump, who has been mainly silent on the campaign trail thus far, finally made his public debut on Tuesday at his father’s recent campaign event in Florida.

“Barron Trump! This is the first time he’s ever done it, Barron,” Trump said during the event while introducing his youngest son to the crowd.

“That’s the first time he’s done it. That’s the first time, right? You’re pretty popular, he might be more popular than Don and Eric, we gotta talk about this. Hey Don, we gotta talk about this.” he continued.

Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, the other sons of the president, are also frequently spotted at their father’s campaign events.

Like Barron, Melania Trump has not been sighted at many of her husband’s political gatherings, such as the debate he had with President Biden last month.

At his father’s request, Barron got up and waved to the fans in attendance. Then, he gave the crowd a thumbs up as they applauded.

Barron is headed to college, and Trump took great pride in the fact that he was accepted to every school he applied to. The audience applauded enthusiastically when the former president called Barron a “very good guy.”

Trump shared pictures of Barron raising his fist and waving to the crowd on Truth Social after the rally. Earlier this year, Trump claimed that Barron gives him political advice.

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