Fox Host Steve Doocy Claims First Lady Jill Biden’s ‘Ego’ Is Reason Joe Won’t Drop Out

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Amid worries about her husband’s health, Fox & Friends presenters ripped on First Lady Jill Biden on Tuesday. With co-host Steve Doocy conjecturing that the real reason the 81-year-old president was still competing was due to his wife’s “ego.”

Ainsley Earhardt, Lawrence Jones, and Doocy talked about the controversy surrounding President Joe Biden following his CNN debate with Donald Trump.

They also talked about his wife’s campaigning on his behalf, which has included her visiting three states in a single day to reassure voters that she and her husband are “all in” on the election despite calls for the president to be replaced.

The hosts also addressed Kevin McCarthy’s earlier statement to Fox News that the first lady attended numerous meetings between him and the president at the White House.

“They are fighting for their lives but rather than him being out, because he can’t, she is out. That’s why she is barn storming. That’s why she was in three states yesterday.” Doocy said

“Because they had made it clear they are not going to leave the White House without a fight. And Joe has warned people close to him, according to Axios, he is staying in but that is not a sure thing because he knows if the Democratic leaders, or the elites as he referred to them yesterday, if they say Joe, we can’t raise money anymore, Hollywood says you have got to go, the pundits say you have got to go, all these Democrats in unsafe for Democrat congressional districts say you got go, he’s got to go, but Donald Trump hit the nail on the head. It’s about ego.” he added

“It’s not about Joe Biden’s ego. It’s Jill Biden’s ego.” Doocy concluded.

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