Business Mogul Blasts Liberal City as ‘Waste Land’ Over Criminal Chaos, Store Closures

[Photo Credit: By Carol M. Highsmith - Library of CongressCatalog]

Kevin O’Leary of “Shark Tank” reportedly criticized the political failures that have led to San Francisco’s collapse, claiming that the formerly busy metropolis is now a “wasteland.”

The O’Leary Ventures chairman outlined the political missteps by California officials that are affecting the state’s largest cities, encouraging viewers to witness the fall for themselves.

“Walk around San Francisco. It is not America anymore. It just isn’t,” he said.

When it comes to the city’s quick downfall, O’Leary blamed it on weak legislation, high taxes, and a lack of a reasonable legal system.

“What a wasteland. All of these places shutting down. It is not a partisan argument. When a Walgreens shuts down and a drug store shuts down and a convenience store shuts down, a bodega shuts down, that’s nothing to do with whether you’re blue or red,” he remarked.

“Don’t listen to me. Go try it out. You wouldn’t run a convention in San Francisco. You have to take an Uber one block to your hotel, or you get executed,” he continued.

Earlier this year, San Francisco Centre, the city’s largest shopping mall, was reported to be only 25% occupied after a series of stores announced closures.

The television personality stated that you must “blame the top manager” as well as city administrators and mayors for the current standard of living—or lack thereof.

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